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Our next pre-employment testing is on Thursday, September 23, 2021.
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Congratulations to Engineer/Paramedic Chris Dukes on passing his Lieutenant examination.  Lieutenant Dukes is assigned to the 1/13 Rotation on C-Shift.
21/July/2021 - Fatal MVC - "C" Shift

A 68 yr old Hendersonville man died from injuries he received after his Silverado pickup truck struck a fallen tree in the 300 block of Ritter Road Wednesday evening 22-July at approx.19:23.  Witnesses to the accident advised the large tree fell across Ritter Rd blocking both lanes. The westbound pickup struck the tree, became airborne and crashed into the swamp in approximately 8 inches of water. Bystanders advised 9-1-1 Dispatchers the man was unconscious. Fire-Rescue units arrived in the rural area 10 minutes later. Click here for more information.
17/July/2021 - Structure Fire - "B" Shift

A Peirce Rd man lost his home in an afternoon fire in the 5500 block Saturday afternoon 17-July. The fire was reported by a neighbor at 12:13 after the man ran to their home asking for help. The man was outside when he noticed the structure burning and attempted to extinguish the flames. His phone was inside the home and he was not able to immediately call for assistance. Engine 9 arrived 10 minutes later to find the doublewide mobile home fully involved. Firefighter-Paramedics used a deck gun to knock down the flames, then deployed multiple handlines to extinguish the fire. Click here for additional information.
15/July/2021 - Semi-Truck Fire - "C" Shift

A semi-truck received heavy damage in an evening fire on Interstate 95 Thursday night 15-July. At 22:05, 9-1-1 was notified by several callers of the truck fire at the 63 mile marker northbound. The callers advised the rear wheels of the truck were burning. One caller reported it was a tanker truck hauling diesel fuel. Additional units were assigned to the initial response due to the reported load the truck was pulling. Engine 26 arrived minutes later to find the cab and front of the trailer well involved. The trailer turned out to be a box style trailer carrying pallets of saltine crackers and not diesel fuel. Click here for more information.
11/July/2021 - MVC with Ejection - "B" Shift

Two teenagers were injured in a high speed, single car MVC in the 200 block of Robertson Blvd. (SC Hwy 64) Sunday evening 11-July. At 22:28, Fire-Rescue Medic 26 had just cleared from the hospital 3 blocks east of this location. While returning to their Station, Medic 26 drove up on an unconscious female lying in the road. As the crew was stopping to investigate, they noticed a heavily damaged vehicle in the parking lot of the Shopping Center and a male patient with multiple traumatic injuries near the parking lot. Click here for additional information.
10-July-2021 - Stabbing Incident - "A" Shift

An adult male received a stab wound to the chest in an incident in the 12000 block of Mount Carmel Road Saturday evening 10-July. The incident was reported to 9-1-1 at 21:04. The man was placed in a vehicle and driven toward Walterboro. Fire-Rescue Medic 26 intercepted the vehicle on Mount Carmel Road. Firefighter-Paramedics treated the man at the scene, then transported him emergent to the helipad at Colleton Medical Center. He was transferred to the Flight Crew and flown to a Trauma Center in Charleston. The Sheriff's Office is handling the investigation. Click here for more information.
09/July/2021 - MVC with Entrapment - "C" Shift

Two people were injured when their semi-truck overturned on I-95 near the 55 mile marker southbound, Friday 09-July at 14:53. The truck left the roadway, went down an embankment and overturned, trapping the two truckers and two small canines. The box style trailer was carrying frozen chicken. A portion of the load spilled into the Jones Swamp Creek and swamp which runs adjacent to the Interstate, after one side and the roof of the trailer failed. Firefighter-Paramedics used a ladder to reach the driver's door and Holmatro Pentheon Rescue tools to force open the door. Click here for more information.
06/July/2021 - Fatal Shooting Incident - "C" Shift

Two teenagers were shot, one fatally, in an incident in the 3500 block of Barracada Road Wednesday night 06-July. The incident was reported to 9-1-1 at 22:31. Firefighter-Paramedics arrived with Sheriff's Deputies to the remote rural dirt road and found a 19 yr old male deceased and another 19 year old male with severe facial trauma and a torso wound. His profuse bleeding was controlled on scene. The patient was then transported emergent to the helipad at Colleton Medical Center to meet with the CARE Flight helicopter. Click here for additional information.

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