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25/November/2021 - Fatal Structure Fire - "A" Shift

Fire-Rescue was alerted to a structure fire at 1226 Shawnee Lane Thursday evening 25-November at 17:57. The home is located on a small dead end rural dirt road north of the Town of Smoaks. A neighbor's son reported seeing an orange glow across a field and told his parents the home was on fire. They called 9-1-1 and ran to the residence to assist. The home was occupied by a 94 year old wheelchair bound woman. The two reported seeing flames coming from several windows in the house and the front porch was on fire. Click here for additional information.
24/November/2021 - Structure Fire - "C" Shift

Firefighter-Paramedics extinguished a fire in the kitchen of a residence in the 100 block of Franklin Street, Wednesday afternoon 24-November at 13:00. The fire was isolated to the area of the stove and contained to the kitchen, however the home suffered smoke damage. Engine 19 arrived to find light smoke coming from the single story residential structure. The family was able to safely exit the building. Crews deployed one 1-3/4 handline to the building and entered through the front door. They used a 20 lb. ABC extinguisher to douse the flames. Click here for additional information.
21-November-2021 - Structure Fire - "B" Shift

A Round O man was displaced after losing his home to an early morning fire in the 500 block of Rowe Lane, Sunday morning 21-November at 05:25. Engine 9 and Medic 9 arrived to find the small approx. 500 sq. ft building was fully involved and had already partially collapsed. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed one 1-3/4 handline 200 feet into the wooded area to reach  the building. The fire spread to nearby materials next to the building. The man was asleep in the building when a neighbor woke him and let him know the building was on fire. Click here for additional information.
20-November-2021 - MVC with Air Evac - "B" Shift

A Myrtle Beach man received a suspected head injury in a single vehicle high speed MVC at the intersection of I-95 and McLeod Road Saturday evening 20-November. A woman entering the ramp from McLeod Rd noticed headlights in the woods and stopped to investigate. She found the man lying outside of the vehicle in a semiconscious state, then called 9-1-1. She and her companions stayed on scene with the injured man until Fire-Rescue arrived. The vehicle was traveling northbound on the exit ramp, when it failed to stop at McLeod Road.  Click here for additional information.
17/November/2021 - Structure Fire - "B" Shift

A 94 yr old man was displaced following a fire in his home Wednesday evening 17-Nov. At 19:02, a neighbor called 9-1-1 reporting flames coming from the roof of the home in the 200 block of Deloach Ave. The neighbors alerted the man and got him safely out of the burning building. Fire-Rescue units arrived minutes later, but were unable to access the structure due to low hanging trees at the driveway. They found the west end of the large single story home well involved with fire already through the roof over the garage and kitchen. Engine 1, positioned on Deleach Ave. at the head of the driveway. Click here for additional information.
17/November/2021 - Structure Fire - "B" Shift

Fire-Rescue was dispatched to a reported residential fire in the 100 block of Nottingham Lane in the Roadside Community Wednesday afternoon 17-November at 12:19. First arriving units noted the home was not involved, however an open air car port and two out buildings were fully involved. A pump house was on fire, a debris pile was well involved and an approximately one acre grass fire was burning in a field next to the home. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed multiple hand lines to combat the fires and to protect the residence. Click here for additional information.
11/16/2021- We offer a huge thanks to First Baptist Church in Walterboro for making and sharing this video as a tribute to Colleton First Responders.  Click here to view the video.
14/November/2021 - Structure Fire - "A" Shift

A kitchen fire in a residence caused damage to the stove and cabinets around the stove Sunday morning 14-November at 04:21. Fire-Rescue units arrived to find light smoke coming from the mobile home. The occupant had extinguished the fire prior to Fire Units arriving. The fire started in the area of the stove and spread to cabinets. It burned to the outside of the structure though the vent and up the exterior wall to the roof. There was no extension to the roof and the fire did not enter the void space above the ceiling. Firefighter-Paramedics deployed one handline to the building.  Click here for additional information.
13/November/2021 - Animal Attack - "A" Shift

A 71 year old Walterboro resident was critically injured after she was attacked by a pit bull in the 300 block of Rivers Street Saturday afternoon 13-November at 12:28. The woman was found conscious in the backyard of the home with multiple injuries. One arm was almost amputated. Law Enforcement secured the scene and a Sheriff's Office Captain was controlling bleeding when Fire-Rescue arrived. Firefighter-Paramedics began treating the woman in the yard and placed the CARE Flight helicopter on standby. Click here for additional information.

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