Colleton County Fire-Rescue


15/September/2013 Structure Fire B Shift 

Incident # 13-05050 An adult male was transported to the hospital after he was injured extinguishing a fire in his kitchen. The incident occurred at 824 Winter Drive near the town of Cottageville, Sunday morning 15-September at 11:38. The man was cooking, when a grease fire occurred on his stove. While he was attempting to extinguish the fire, he slipped and fell injuring his hip. Fortunately he got the fire out, but the home filled with smoke. He notified 9-1-1 that he was unable to get out of the building. The home is located about 1-1/2 miles from Station 9. Cottageville Police Officers responded as well arriving just before Engine 9 and Medic 9. An officer entered the smoke fill home and found the man lying on the kitchen floor. He was able to drag the man to the front porch, as Firefighters deployed handlines to the front door. Firefighter-Paramedics treated the man for his injury, then transported him to Colleton Medical Center. Other crewmembers used a PPV fan to force the smoke from the home. The fire was confined to the area of the stove and the countertop near the stove. The hood over the stove received damage from the flames, but there was no apparent extension into the attic space. The home suffered minor smoke damage. Firefighters secured the power to the hood and a portion of the kitchen before clearing from the scene.

Engine 9, Engine 19, Tender 2, Tender 9, Tender 19, Tender 36, Medic 9, Battalion 1 and Car 111 responded. Battalion Chief Ben Heape served as Incident Commander.