Colleton County Fire-Rescue


08/October/2018 Tractor Trailer MVC C Shift

Incident # 18-06997 At 08:07, two Semi-trucks collided on Interstate 95 near the 68 mile marker under the Augusta Hwy (SC Hwy 61) overpass.  A refrigerated truck had stopped in the breakdown lane and was not moving. The driver of a second northbound tractor trailer, hauling a moving van trailer,  advised he suffered a blowout causing his rig to also enter the breakdown lane. The moving truck struck the rear of the refrigerated truck causing heavy damage to both vehicles. The moving truck came to rest approximately 800 feet north of the collision leaving a large debris field which block one lane of the highway. The entire passenger side of the cab was ripped away and the front corner and portion of the trailer were torn open spilling the contains onto the highway. Miraculously, neither driver was injured. Firefighter-Paramedics responded and evaluated both drivers, but ambulance transportation was not needed. Firefighters remained on the scene for five hours as recovery crews worked to remove the two trucks and clean debris from the roadway.

Engine 5, Engine 26, Tender 5, Medic 26, Battalion 1, Car 27 and Car 112 responded. Captain Brian Bishop served as Incident Commander.