Colleton County Fire-Rescue


08/October/2018 – Fire Prevention – “C” Shift

Fire prevention education began this morning with activities at Black Street Childhood Center Monday morning 08-October. The preschoolers learned many safety skills including how to Stop, Drop and Roll if their clothes were to catch on fire and about the importance of smoke detectors in the home. They interacted with Patches, Fire-Rescue’s Robotic Dalmatian and they got to tour a Fire Engine and Ambulance. The Fire Prevention activities are taught in all of the schools during the month of October to coincide with National Fire Prevention Week which began today. Due to the large number of schools and day care centers, Fire-Rescue’s program lasts all month with Firefighters visiting each school in the County. The educational materials are tiered to different age groups and builds on the information the children learned in the previous year. The program is spearheaded by the Fire Marshal’s Office and lead by Battalion Chief Richard Sheffield and Captain Michael Banks.