Colleton County Fire-Rescue


08-February-2019 – Second Group of CCMS PNT visits the EOC

The second half of the Colleton County Middle School 6th Grade Students visited the newly refurbished County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Friday morning 08-February. Deputy Fire Chief Dr. David Greene and Captain Janet Laney conducted the tour of the facility explaining the operations during an emergency or disaster and how the Center utilizes representatives from area agencies and businesses to meet the needs of the Community during a large scale event. He covered how Colleton’s EOC fits into the State’s plan (SCEMD) and ultimately with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Students had the opportunity to role play by filling in the different Emergency Support Functions and figuring out how to manage resources to help the community recover from a mock natural disaster, which was a simulated hurricane. Students then went outside to tour Fire-Rescue’s Hazardous Materials Units with Battalion Chiefs Brent Dalton and Scott Feather and saw how the weather plays a role in managing natural and manmade events that Responders encounter every day.