Colleton County Fire-Rescue


24/March/2019 Woods Fires All Shifts

Incident # multiple - Fire-Rescue and the Forestry Commission have been busy responding to twenty two woods fires over the past week. The largest was a control burn that jumped the fire lines off of Sniders Hwy just west of I-95 on Monday 18-March. Fire-Rescue had 12 units protecting structures, while three Forestry tractors  spent five hours working to contain the fire. Approx. 62 acres burned. The fires continued through the week peeking Saturday as people began to clean property and burn debris. The conditions are dry and the winds have been fairly strong during the week, coupled with low humidity making the conditions prime for fire spread. Citizens should never leave the fire unattended and should cut good wide fire breaks around the area to be burned. In the event the fire gets out of hand, 9-1-1 should be notified early before the fire becomes too big. A 22 acre fire destroyed a field of planted pines off of Sunrise Road Sunday and approximately 7 acres burned on Round O Road near Pleasant Grove Road Friday afternoon. 2 acres burned off of Cleveland Street Saturday and Fire units were tied up in the Ruffin area for three hours Sunday. The Forestry Commission brought in tractors from Hampton and Bamberg Counties to assist with the fires. No structures were lost at any of the events. One home suffered minor damage Sunday.