Colleton County Fire-Rescue


25/July/2019 Mutual Aid Confined Space Rescue B Shift 

Incident # 19-5141 Fire-Rescue sent four Firefighter-Paramedics trained in confined space rescue techniques, to assist Orangeburg County responders with an extended confined space rescue in a grain storage facilty at a plant on John C. Calhoun Dr in Orangeburg, Thursday afternoon 25-July.  Orangeburg personnel responded to the company earlier in the day for an adult male who was trapped by the grain in the large, multi-story, concrete storage bin. Crews battled high temperatures during the rescue. The extended operations, which ran most of the day, exhausted personnel. Crews from Colleton. Lexington and Anderson Counties were called to assist, to allow personnel to rotate during the operation to assist the man. Orangeburg responders had the appropriate equipment and a good plan, but needed assistance with staffing as the long operation and high temperatures took their toll on personnel. The combined efforts resulted in a successful operation as the man was rescued alive after spending most of the day trapped by the grain. He was transported to a medical facility.