Colleton County Fire-Rescue



DATE: 4 September 2019

Media Contact: Meagan Utsey, Public Information Officer

Phone Numbers: 843-782-0502 

843-549-5632 (Emergency Operations Center)


Colleton County Residents Now Instructed to Shelter in Place 

Hurricane Dorian is approaching Colleton County, and residents will soon begin seeing its effects. Tropical storm force winds will begin Wednesday afternoon, and may include sustained winds from 40-60 mph with higher gusts for inland Colleton and 60-90 mph with higher gusts for Edisto Island, rainfall of 6-10 inches, and storm surge inundation of 4 to 7 feet over usual tides. Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected. Colleton County residents are instructed to shelter in place overnight and throughout the day tomorrow, if possible. Colleton citizens should limit unnecessary travel. Your home may provide you better protection than being caught out in the open or in your vehicle on the roadway when conditions begin to deteriorate. Fire-Rescue and Law Enforcement personnel will continue to respond to emergencies unless winds reach a dangerous threshold. DO NOT go out until the storm is over. Stay inside your home in an interior room at the lowest level of your home and away from windows. Remember to report power outages to your electricity provider, not to 9-1-1. 9-1-1 is for emergencies only. If you are utilizing a generator, ensure it is at least 20 feet from your home. Do not utilize grills or generators inside your home. Avoid damaged structures and assume that all power lines that are down are energized and could kill you if you touch them. 

Be safe and be smart during this difficult time. The National Weather Service projects that winds will subside by Thursday night. Once the storm has passed, Fire-Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Management personnel will be here to help our citizens through the recovery process. 

Colleton County schools, government offices, landfill and convenience sites will be closed tomorrow (Thursday, September 5th), and there will be no City of Walterboro garbage pick-up.