Colleton County Fire-Rescue


11/September/2020 – Puppy Rescue – “B” Shift

Incident # 20-06245 – Engine 6 and Medic 6 assisted Animal Control Officers with the rescue of puppy from a driveway culvert Friday afternoon 11-September at 17:39. Animal Control units were called to the scene earlier by a nearby resident to assist a mother dog and her puppies who were inside the driveway culvert. Officers were able to remove the mother and all the puppies except one. The stranded puppy was about 20 feet inside the pipe, which was about half full of dirt. The days old canine was out of reach. Crews put their heads together to come up with a solution. They obtained a long piece of pvc pipe from an old green house located nearby and the resident provided a small sauce pan. Firefighter-Paramedics duct taped the sauce pan to the end of the pvc pipe, then inserted it into the driveway culvert. After several attempts and guided by other crewmembers with flashlights, they were able to scoop the puppy into the sauce pan and safely remove him from the culvert pipe. He was returned to his mother and siblings and the resident was pleased with the successful operation. She asked Firefighters to name the pup and they decided on “Scoop”.

Engine 6, Medic 6 and Animal Control Officers responded. Captain Robert Gregory served as Incident Commander.