Colleton County Fire-Rescue


04/October/2021 - Retirement Award

Captain John Graham of Station # 7 has worn many hats during his lifetime.  The 83 year old full time farmer has put in 49 years as a firefighter in Colleton County and was instrumental in bringing fire protection to the Smoaks Community and the north northwestern unincorporated areas in the early seventies. He has remained active in that role since and seldom misses a response. Many know of his other passion of a DNR Deputy Law Enforcement Officer. Graham recently retired from that position after 48 years. Local DNR Officers gave Graham a retirement luncheon at Donnelly Wildlife Preserve which was also attended by Sheriff Hill and his good friend Lt. David Sauls, also of Station 7. We thank John for his many decades of service and hope he continues with Fire-Rescue for many more years.