Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Stations 1, 5, 26, and 27 responded to a tractor trailer fire on I-95 at the 56 mile marker southbound, 27-June at 08:50. The trailer experienced problems in the area of the rear wheels causing a fire that extended into the cargo area, igniting the load of 25 pound bags of dog food. First arriving units encountered heavy fire conditions under the trailer which were burning up the exterior sides of the trailer. This fire was quickly brought under control with the use of one 1-3/4 hand line. The wooden floor and interior walls had been breached by the fire and set three rows of dog food on fire.
Firefighters used a piercing nozzle connected to a second 1-3/4 hand line to penetrate the sides of the trailer. Crew members entered the trailer and began unloading bags of dog food by hand. They continued to work with an 1-3/4 handline inside the trailer, but were unable to reach the fire below the stored bags of dog food. Two rows were removed until the fire could be kept in check. A backhoe and wrecker from Gerald's Wrecker Service was brought the scene. The backhoe was able to quickly dig out the remaining three rows of dog food to allow firefighters the ability to extinguish the remaining fire.
Southbound lanes of I-95 were briefing shut down for about 25 minutes and then periodically closed to allow the backhoe to move the unloaded dog food. The highway was closed to one lane for nearly three hours, causing traffic to back u[ for miles. No one was injured.

Engine 26, Tanker 1, Tanker 5 and Tanker 26, Medic 27, Battalion 1, Truck 12, and Truck 116 responded. Battalion Chief Rich Ellis served as Incident Commander.



Firefighter/Paramedics Becky Hantz and Pam Berry advance a hose line into the back of the trailer.