Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Colleton County Fire-Rescue members had the rare opportunity to pre-plan a blimp on Monday. The Lowcountry Regional Airport is a waypoint for several zeppelins as they travel up and down the east coast. We have had visits from the Fuji Blimp, the Met-Life Blimp and on Monday it was perhaps the most famous of the dirigibles, the Good Year Blimp. The blimp made a stop in Colleton County during its return trip to Florida from its last assignment at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte.  After learning about the engine and fuel tank configurations and basic ground safety, members were allowed to tour the airship which seats 7 and has about 36,000 LED lights on the side. Participating members included Fire Marshal Roger Johnston who set up the tour, Chief McRoy, Captain Wojcik, Lieutenant Feather and Firefighter McAlhaney. More information about the Good Year Blimp fleet can be found at