Colleton County Fire-Rescue


Colleton County Fire-Rescue  responded to a well involved building fire at 206 Sixth Street at 2151 on Monday 22-June. Fire units arrived to find the 30 by 30 foot work shop fully involved, with fire endangering a nearby mobile home. The resident in the mobile home had safety exited the building, but received minor burns in his attempts to extinguish the fire. Firefighters used deck gun to knock down the flames and then two 1-3/4 handlines to extinguish the fire. One crew protected the mobile home until the bulk of the fire in the work shop was at a manageable level. The intense radiant heat ignited wood wall joists in the mobile home. Firefighters had to remove the exterior metal from the mobile home to access the hidden fire and extinguish the flames. Personnel prevented any heavy damage to the interior of the mobile home.

The man raised dove and ducks in the work shop. He stated there were 25 doves and 5 ducks in the structure. None of the animals survived the fire. In addition to his minor burns, the man experienced a medical emergency during the fire and was transported by Medic 6 to Colleton Medical Center. Fire units were on the scene for two hours. The cause of the fire in still under investigation.

Engine 1, Engine 19, Engine 24, Tender 19, Tender 26, Tender 27, Medic 6,

Battalion 1 and Truck 11 responded. Captain Scott Feather served as Incident Commander.