Colleton County Fire-Rescue


27/October/2014 - MVC/MCI

Incident # 14-06297 15 people were transported to Colleton Medical Center after a small car ran into the back of a stopped school bus in the 1000 block of Nunuville Road north of Walterboro Monday morning 27-October at 08:10. The LCAA School Bus was stopped to pick up children and was utilizing its warning lights. The bus had two adults and twelve children on the vehicle. The car impacted the back of the bus causing heavy damage to the car, but relatively minor damage to the bus despite the high speed collision. Engine 19 and Medic 19 arrived to the MVC to find multiple patients. Most of the 3 to 5 year old children only had minor non-life threatening complaints. All three adult patients complained of various traumatic injuries. Additional ambulances were requested due to the number of patients. All injured were transported to Colleton Medical Center. Traffic on Nunuville Road was blocked for over an hour. The SC Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

Engine 19, Medic 1, Medic 19, Medic 26, Medic 102, Medic 106, Battalion 1 and Car 12 responded. Firefighter-EMT Shane Weber and Battalion Chief Dan Barb operated the Command Post.