Colleton County Fire-Rescue


19-July-2016 – Active Shooter Drill

Fire-Rescue participated in an active shooter drill at the Ambulatory Care Building at Colleton Medical Center Tuesday afternoon 19-July. The drill simulated an active shooter on the hospital campus. The main building was not used, except for the Emergency Department who received seven patients to test their surge capabilities. Safety was a primary concern. All participants were briefed on the entire exercise which was headed up by Walterboro Police, who was assisted by the Sheriff’s Office. The drill was conducted in the afternoon after all patients had left the center. The scenario involved a mock shooter entering the building, then shooting seven employees. Law enforcement arrived minutes later, searched the large facility and isolated the attacker. Law enforcement cleared the building, then escorted Firefighter-Paramedics into the facility to conduct triage, treatment and transportation of the victims. All of the victims were transported ½ a block to the Emergency Department by Fire-Rescue Ambulances. The drill lasted a little over two hours. It was the first test with both local Law Enforcement agencies, Fire-Rescue and the Hospital. Several drills have been conducted in the county with Fire-Rescue and the Sheriff’s Office over the last year. It was an excellent practice session and all participants took away valuable information. During the after incident review, several areas of improvement were noted. Chief Wade Marvin and Chief Deputy Buddy Hill provided training and insight for participants.