Colleton County Fire-Rescue


12/June/2021 - Firehood Foundation Walk

Crews from Stations 2 and 6 assisted Firefighter Tom "Bull" Hill and his group of walkers as they traversed Colleton County, walking 17 miles of ACE Basin Parkway (US Hwy 17) from Beaufort County to Charleston County Saturday 12-June & Sunday 13-June. Hill's Memorial Walk, Carrying My Brother's Burden, is part of his non-profit foundation to bring attention to Public Safety employees' illnesses which include PTSD and suicide.  The Firehood Foundation Walk began in Florida and will end in Charleston on 18-June on the 14th anniversary of the Charleston Sofa Super Store fire which claimed the lives of nine Charleston Firefighters. Burton and Sheldon Fire Districts in Beaufort County assisted the group earlier in the week and handed the group off to Colleton Firefighters Saturday morning. Colleton in turn escorted them through the county and handed them off to Saint Paul's Fire District in Charleston County Sunday afternoon. 

Photos by Eddie Froshour