Colleton County Fire-Rescue


10/December/2022 - High Speed MVC - "B" Shift

Incident # 22-09534 - A 19 year old Ruffin teenager suffered multiple traumatic injuries, including a head injury after his 2015 Toyota 4-Runner collided with a tractor trailer in the 1900 block of Bells Hwy at I-95 Saturday morning 10-Dec at 07:13. The 4-Runner drove under the semi-trailer causing heavy damage to the small SUV. Firefighter-Paramedics assisted the teenager from the vehicle and began treating his many injuries. A medical helicopter was not immediately available. Fire-Rescue Medic 26 transported him emergent to the Trauma Center at Trident Medical Center in North Charleston. Medic 1 also responded to the scene to evaluate the 32 year old truck driver. He received non-life threatening injuries and denied ambulance transportation to the hospital. A Walterboro Police Officer was behind the 4-Runner and witnessed the accident. WPD is investigating the MVC. Both westbound lanes and one eastbound lane of Bells Hwy were blocked for over an hour. 

Medic 1, Medic 26, Battalion 1, Car 104, Car 112 and Walterboro Fire Dept. responded. Battalion Chief Brent Dalton served as Incident Commander.