Colleton County Fire-Rescue

Colleton Air Rescue Evacuation (C.A.R.E.) Flight


Colleton Air Rescue Evacuation (C.A.R.E.) Flight is a collaborative air ambulance program between Med-Trans Corporation and Colleton County Fire-Rescue.  C.A.R.E. Flight pilots, mechanics, and flight nurses are Med-Trans employees while the Firefighter/Flight-Paramedics (FFP) are Colleton County Fire-Rescue employees.  The collaboration and synergy enables C.A.R.E. Flight to provide quick response times, advanced pre-hospital care and rapid transportation for the critically ill and severely injured.



Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Med-Trans Corporation is a leading national air medical provider focused on establishing partnerships with hospital systems, medical centers, and EMS agencies through more than 90 bases across 25 states. 

Colleton County Fire-Rescue is an all-hazards, full service fire-rescue department serving 1,132 square miles and 40,000 people from 35 fire stations in coastal South Carolina.

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