Colleton County




Message from the Chief

Chief Barry W. McRoy ( - (843) 539-1960 extension 1315

Welcome to Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s official website. I am honored that you have taken the time to visit with us. This site was designed to be informative and interesting for you, the viewer. It contains a wealth of information about the community and the resources our governing body has provided us to serve the citizens and visitors of this area. Since its inception in 1994, the goals set forth for this agency have been exceeded many times. From improving responses, saving lives, providing Fire and Life Safety Education, to expanding coverage into rural communities and providing Emergency Medical Care and Transportation. The unselfish teamwork of our volunteer firefighters and career personnel, past and present, has allowed us to accomplish these many tasks. Without their dedication, the successes of the last two decades would not have been possible.

We have had the pleasure of working with a committed group of individuals and agencies that spans every aspect of this community. The lists are far too great to attempt to name here. I must also applaud the commitment of our County Council, Administrator’s Office and Fire-Rescue Commission. The unwavering support and team approach has allowed this agency to surpass many hurdles, while staying on track to complete the objectives of our long-range plans.

Please take some time to browse the site. It covers most services and programs we provide. I think you will find that Colleton County Fire-Rescue is a progressive organization, comprised of an enthusiastic group of team members with the desire to serve others.

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