Colleton County Fire-Rescue

Message from the Fire-Rescue Chief

Welcome to Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Management Division website.  We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us.  Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Management Division is responsible for developing, exercising and executing plans during large emergencies and disasters.  Although the Emergency Management Division coordinates disaster responses for Colleton County, there are countless numbers of federal, state and local agencies that work together to protect the lives of our citizens.  This is done in four distinct phases:

·         Preparedness – The Emergency Management Division works with its partners to develop, test, revise, and refine emergency operations plans.  Those plans include preparing sites for emergency sheltering, mass feeding, and the restoration of access to roadways and utilities.

·         Mitigation – The Emergency Management Division and its partners strive to minimize the effects of a disaster both before and after it occurs.  This limits the impact of a disaster to our citizens.

·         Response – The Emergency Management Division works closely with the Sheriff’s Office Communications/9-1-1 Center to coordinate response efforts during and after emergencies.  Our state and local partners assist with response assets, logistical support, and coordination of resources throughout the county.

·         Recovery – Recovery efforts after a disaster are different from individual to individual and from community to community.  As a result, the Emergency Management Division works with Federal, State and Local partners to assist our citizens in recovering from the effects that could not otherwise be mitigated or prevented through a response effort.

There are too many agencies to name here, but rest assured, there are many agencies with which Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Management Division has partnered to protect our citizens.

We hope you will look through the information on our website.  It contains a wealth of information on current conditions in Colleton County as well as emergency planning for you and your family.  Of course, you can follow us on Twitter (@ColletonFire) or on Facebook (@ColletonCountyFire) to stay in touch with emergency announcements.  Feel free to call us at Fire-Rescue Headquarters (843-539-1960) or at the Emergency Operations Center (843-549-5632) if you have any questions and remember, always dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.