Colleton County Fire-Rescue

Employment at Colleton County Fire-Rescue (CCFR)

Colleton County Fire-Rescue is an all-hazards, full-service department.  It doesn't matter to which unit you are assigned, our team responds to and mitigates many types of incidents.  An employee assigned to an engine could find themselves first on scene to a cardiac arrest and an employee assigned to a medic unit may find themselves first on scene to a structure fire and serve as part of the interior attack crew.  An employee assigned to an engine could assist the medic crew with transporting a critical patient.  Three medic units may respond to a tractor-trailer fire without any injuries to provide additional staffing to support suppression efforts.  Whether it is a cardiac arrest, confined space rescue, house fire, or hazardous materials release, our department is equipped with the most modern tools available in today's fire and medical services.  Through extensive and ongoing training and preparation our staff solves whatever problems arise, in a caring manner, to continually provide for the safety of our citizens, the stabilization of their lives, and the protection of their property.


  • Frequent complex and challenging calls.
  • We utilize Kenworth Chasis MAV Medic Units.  The larger frame provides for a safer and more comfortable ride with increased storage space for PPE, SCBA's and equipment.
  • We utilize E-One Engines, 3000 gallon Tenders, and a multitude of special response vehicles
  • We utilize Holmatro Rescue tools including Pentheon battery operated cutters, spreaders, and rams.
  • We utilize Stryker power load stretchers in all primary medic units.
  • Hose Testing is completed by a contractor.  Firefighters do not have to test fire hose.
  • We provide opportunities to join our C.A.R.E. Flight Air Medical Program which allows participants to regularly serve as a Firefighter/Flight-Paramedic on board a rotor wing platform.
  • We are one of six non-hospital based ground programs in the United States administering whole blood in the field.
  • Our Medical Control Director provides us with a comprehensive set of Standing Orders allowing practitioners to fully utilize their skills
  • We operate an additional, seasonal medic unit at Edisto Beach from April to October that is staffed solely with overtime.
  • All Fire-Rescue Officers are seasoned Firefighter/Paramedics.
  • 98% of our patient transports go to a medical facility in the county.  The attending Firefighter/Paramedic determines the patient's closest, appropriate destination.
  • Forced overtime is seldom used.
  • No meal time or sleep time deductions from time worked.
  • We offer opportunities to participate in various specialized response activities (marine search and rescue, boat operations, diving, hazardous materials response, trench rescue, confined space rescue, high/low angle rescue).

COMPENSATION (Effective July 1, 2022)
(includes scheduled time only [no deductions for meal or sleep times] – excludes extra overtime opportunities).


Hourly Rate

Estimated Annual Salary (see Pay Breakdown below)



$79,736 - 80,282*



$59,179 – $59,584*




*Assigned to 24 hours on/48 hours off Shift
**Assigned to D-shift (Monday-Friday, 0800-1800, Weekends/Holidays Off)

How do you get paid at CCFR? 

Most Fire Departments only pay overtime after 53 hours in a week, 106 hours in two weeks or 212 hours in a month.  Colleton County Fire-Rescue pays overtime for any hours worked past 40 hours each week.

Employees work 24 hours on / 48 hours off and are paid every other Friday (every two weeks) and are compensated at overtime rate (time and one-half) for any hours worked beyond forty hours each week.  Any time off (other than personal swaps) is paid at straight time and is not counted toward the 40-hour overtime threshold.  Pay periods consist of two weeks, each starting on Monday at 00:00 and ending on Sunday at 23:59.  Depending on the particular shift rotation of your shift assignment, you will work either 64, 56, or 48 hours in a week (which are either 120, 112, or 104 hours in a pay period).  The breakdown is illustrated in the table below and indicates the Firefighter/Paramedic hourly rate of $22.73/hour.
Shift Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sa Su Total Hrs O/T Hrs Regular Pay O/T Pay Weekly Total Pay Period Total
24 24 16 64 24 $909.20 $818.28 $1,727.48
8 24 24 56 16 $909.20 $545.52 $1,454.72 $3,182.20
24 24 48 8 $909.20 $272.76 $1,181.96
24 24 16 64 24 $909.20 $818.28 $1,727.48 $2,909.44
8 24 24 56 16 $909.20 $545.52 $1,454.72
24 24 48 8 $909.20 $272.76 $1,181.96 $2,636.68

Since you are paid 26 times a year, you can expect a rotating check of the above pay period totals every three pay periods.  The total of these are:

Pay Breakdown

Pay Period A-Shift B-Shift C-Shift
1 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
2 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
3 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
4 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
5 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
6 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
7 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
8 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
9 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
10 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
11 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
12 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
13 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
14 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
15 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
16 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
17 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
18 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
19 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
21 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
22 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
23 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
24 $2,636.68 $3,182.20 $2,909.44
25 $3,182.20 $2,909.44 $2,636.68
26 $2,909.44 $2,636.68 $3,182.20
Annual Salary: $75,918.20 $75,372.68 $75,645.44

The pay checks listed on the left assume that your overtime was calculated with normal hours worked.  Remember that your overtime rate is only applied to hours worked that are more than 40 hours each week.

Each employee is required to attend monthly continuing education (or in-service training).  That training is compensated at overtime rate (unless you work less than 40 hours that week) and is between 2 and 3 hours each month.  This is an additional $800 to $1000 (for Firefighter/Paramedics) each year.  This additional pay is not included in the pay checks listed on the left.

Each employee receives 12 hours of straight-time holiday pay for each of the 13 paid holidays recognized by Colleton County whether they fall on the employee's assigned shift or not.  $22.73 (for FF/Paramedic) x 12 hours = $272.76 x 13 holidays = $3,545.88.  This additional pay is not included in the pay checks listed on the left.

While the pay can decrease as a result of taking time off (causing the hours worked beyond 40 hours each week at overtime rate to decrease), it is also possible to obtain additional hours by signing up for extra overtime opportunities.  These include other employees' leaves, special events, and the Medic 14 assignments.  Medic 14 is the second medic unit on Edisto Island between April and September to meet the increased demand caused by an increased population during the summer months and is staffed mostly by voluntary overtime.  At Firefighter/Paramedic hourly rate, each additional 24 hour shift is $22.73 x 1.5 (overtime rate) = $34.09/hr x 24 hours = $818.16.

Adding the Continuing Education and Holiday Pay to the Annual Salaries on the left, Firefighter/Paramedics could expect to earn between $79,736.84 and $80,282.36 annually.

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To apply for employment and join our team, email your resume and certifications to

Application Process

1. Submit your resume and certifications to

2. Once the Fire-Rescue Department receives your application from Human Resources, the Chief will contact you to set up an interview.

3. Once your interview is completed, you may be given a conditional offer of employment based on completion of a drug test, background checks, etc.

4. You will then be given a start date to begin orientation.  Fire-Rescue's Orientation is only 2 to 3 weeks long.