Colleton County




Water Rescue

In the picture above, Firefighters search for a drowning victim on the Edisto River.

Assistant Chief David A. Greene ( - (843) 539-1960 extension 222

Water Rescue

Colleton County Fire-Rescue's TRT is trained and equipped to perform water rescue.  Utilizing self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) equipment, personnel search for and rescue or recover drowning victims.  TRT also has access to advanced search tools such as underwater cameras, etc. 


TRT responds to water rescue incidents for the purpose of rescuing or recovering the patient.  Early notification is the key to a successful rescue.  If a person goes underwater and fails to re-surface, you should immediately dial 9-1-1.  The following precautions should be taken. 

Members of the Tactical Response Team train in a local swimming pool.

Members of the Tactical Response Team tow a disabled boater back to the landing.